The singular art of Julian Murphy

Julian Murphy is a Mannerist. He has achieved an extraordinary level of technical competence and is fast gaining an international fame in the world of erotic and fetish art. From his rich and sophisticated imagination springs a seemingly inexhaustible parade of astonishing images that provoke and excite - as well as challenge - the viewer's very grasp of reality. Julian Murphy lives and works in Bristol, UK, as an artist and graphic designer. He was born in 1959 and finished his education at Brunel College studying Design for Print. He has a love of fast and stylish machinery which belies an otherwise unassuming approach to life.

"The singular art of Julian Murphy, a massive tome of graphically induced eroticism which combines the mathematical precision of M C Escher with with the erotic pop art of Allen Jones. Murphy's tongue remaining firmly in his cheek at all times. The highly stylised and repeated black, red, and white images of rudely high heeled shoes could be patented as the sexiest wallpaper ever, the singular art is a must have for any art loving libertine." (Pure Magazine)

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